Thursday, May 24, 2012

Silhouette Deal!!!!

Hey, Ladies and Gents! I just had to pass on the information about an awesome Plum District deal for the Silhouette store! I heard about the deal from Christina's blog and it is AWESOME!!! You can get $50 worth of merchandise for $30!!!!  And this is directly from Christina's blog " If you use code slcplum20 you can get another 20% off making it $24 for $50 worth of merchandise (note this code might not always work, but I did use my code in the pop-up window for signing up and got the 20% off)."

I just used the code and it works, so hurry on over there, and please use my link:

to make a purchase and then continue to link up your link on Christina's blog....I think it's cool how we can all help each other out by using each other's links because when three people use your link you get your purchase refunded!!! Who doesn't love FREE!?! How awesome is that!?! So use mine and then be sure to link up your code in the comments on Christina's post HERE, so the next three can use your link! Woot Woot! Let me know if you use it! Oh, my I'm so excited I may even actually take my Cameo out of the box for the first time!!! LOL!

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