Saturday, May 12, 2012

Last Assignment for Spring Training 2012..

Yay! I made it! I totally did the assignments out of order, but this is my last one! Assignment #7- Effective Embellishing. We had to pull an old layout or a work in progress and use at least one of the embellishing design principles that we were taught. I decided to look in my December Daily from 2009 because I know that many of the pages lack embellishing. 

So here is the BEFORE...
 And then here is the AFTER....I used the principle of adding embellishments in odd numbers and coordinating. I added a few butterflies in coordinating colors to add to the visual interest of the page. I also realized that I had my visual triangle in place, too.
Yay! Feels good to actually complete a class especially since I have four other on line classes that I have not even touched yet! Yikes. I will get them completed, too!!! So much to do and scrap, so little time!


  1. Great job! Such a cute page:)

  2. Looks awesome!! LOVING the colors and the misting!


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