Friday, December 14, 2012


Just like the rest of America, my heart is so heavy tonight with the thought of the babies and educators who were senselessly taken away today in Connecticut! I usually avoid the news because at work I see so many horrific things and try to avoid it when I'm off the clock, but tonight I'm sitting here watching the coverage and thinking...praying for the victims, their families and friends, and for America, and even more so...the World! There is nothing we can do to ease the pain at this time, but I saw this on Facebook and as scrapbookers, crafters, and memory keepers I thought I would share this here with you because I am definitely going to send cards and prayers to the school. The healing process is going to be a long hard road and this is the least I can do to show support and love. Please join me and spread the word! 
Here is one of the first cards I've made: 

Supplies: Sketch and Kit: Studio Calico; Stamp: Docerela Creations- Mix and Match II

And because this is so close to my heart since I have a little cousin and a niece who are both kindergartners and I have a child who is in elementary school I would like to invite you to leave me a link to any cards that you make and send to the school because I am offering a nice drawing of scrappy supplies for anyone who leaves a comment with a link to their post! I will try and post a pic of the RAK by the end of the weekend, but will leave this open for a couple of weeks...more deets soon! Please spread the word. Help let the  survivors  know that we are praying for them!  Thank you for allowing me to pour out my heart! Be blessed, Loves!

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  1. Such a tragedy yesterday... my heart is so sad... I love your card ...what a beautiful thing to send to them .... i love it!


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