Thursday, December 27, 2012

Giveaway Alert!!!!

Stopping by quickly to let you know about a fantabulous giveaway from Tina at a dog's life: GIVEAWAY times FOUR! Her blog is super inspiring, so hop on over and visit her and enter her mega generous giveaway while your at it!!!

Today's my mommy's birthday!!! Yay! Happy Birthday, Momsie!!!
 Here's a quick lil' peek of my horrible wrapping skills- LOL!

I made that little tag in like 1minute--LOVE October Afternoon!!! I ordered an OA Santa Sack again this year and it was filled with yumminess, AND then I went to my "not so local" LSS which was having 40% off storewide sale yesterday and got a ton more OA goodies! I think I have an illness! So needless to say I think I'm good till next year on my OA fix! Well, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and were able to score some after Christmas scrappy deals, too! I know I went a little haywire in Target today! But, I'm still stalking them for the 75% off sale! Oh, my goodness I wish that I could be a lady of leisure and just spend my days snapping up bargains, scrapping, and getting"chocolate wasted"!!!! LMBO...oh and doing Zumba to fight the effects of the chocolate overdoses! LOL! Well, I've rambled enough...good day, I say good day!!! (oh and obviously if I were a lady of leisure I would watch a ton of movies, too) :P

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