Monday, February 28, 2011

Project 12 January 2011

Here's my LO for Project 12 documenting January 2011. This year I decided to use the KI Memories calendar pages to document each month instead of the sketches provided. I really enjoyed pushing myself to use 2 page sketches last year, but I just couldn't resist these calendar pages because they are quick, easy to use, and super cute! I do need to order 6 more now that I have commited to using them for Project 12. My plan was to make a 5X7 photo collage for each month, so that each page would be uniform, well my plans transformed, but I'm happy with it! I think I need a few more embellies, but it's late, so for now it's complete!


  1. fantastic work as always! Love the design, color combo and layering. Great job!

  2. love that paper! Thank you for stopping by my blog tonight. Your comment made me smile! The hubs and kids call me a dork because I love the necklace so much and told them anyone who sews would! You made my night cause no I can tell them I even know one person who doesn't sew who likes it! Good luck on the giveaway! Have a great night.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog (I always look at the entries too for blog hopping ideas!). I love those KI calandar pages too. I just can't get enough of them-and I rarely buy more than one of a paper.


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