Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Less Attitude and More Gratitude....

So I've seen several of my fav scrappy people posting about gratitude and thought this was the perfect incentive for me to really nail down the things that I am grateful for on a daily basis. I have the bad habit of having crazy attitude problems with the people I love most so this is just what I need to keep me focused. I decided to keep my posts documented along with Tessa of Perfectly Precocious ( she's supersweet b/c she's even having a giveaway for a gc to her Etsy for peeps that participate in her Attitude of Gratitude Nov 1-30! Cool!

Of course, I'm the most indecisive person ever, so I'm still in limbo as to how to record my gratitude statements. Last night I thought I wanted to make a junque journal so I wrote day 1 & 2 in a composition book that I will alter, but then after looking at Tessa's minibook and the contents of the Nov. Scrapbook Circle kit that I will be receiving soon I started thinking I wanted to make a minibook! Decisions, Decisions! Oh yeah, I even convinced my 13yoa son to take part too- so each night we will sit down together and write down our gratitude statements. He just asked for a sprial notebook to record his;nothing fancy- boys! I must decide tonight for sure (I'm trying to convince myself), but anyway...Here's a recap of my gratitude statments (until I get them all in one place):

November 1....Grateful for my sons' peronalities. Per his request, I took Kyle to the Dollar Tree to buy something today and the cashier complemented him on having so much money in his wallet and saving. He's so cool and calm about everything and barely even acknowledged her compliment, but then when he paid he told her to keep the change! Oh, he steals my heart! Although the change was only 2 cents- the act itself was just so sweet. I'm also grateful that Nic still enjoys reading with me. We finished the Hunger Games last week and started on book two in the trilogy, Catching Fire tonight. I read 3 chapters and he read 1. I prefer reading silently, but put my preference aside to spend time with my son who still likes his mom to read to him. He steals my heart too!

November 2...Grateful for a job/supervisor that is not a stickler about promptness! Seems no matter how hard I try I can rarely get to work on time. I hate being late, but I'm so grateful that I don't work somewhere where I would have gotten the axe by now for my tardiness.

November 3...Grateful for literacy and lunch. Kyle asked me to have lunch with him today because he gets to eat in the library for his book club meeting. I'm so happy that he enjoys reading and learning and also grateful for the opportunity to make his day by stopping by to have lunch with him. His book club discussed Flat Stanley and I still remember how Nic made a Flat Stanley and sent him to our aunt in Marshall for a class assignment a few years ago. Amazing how the same book can touch so many lives!

Ok...wish me luck that I make a decision tonight on how to record my gratitude statements!

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