Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Finally, that Giveaway that I mentioned.....

Well, I'm a bit sad that today is my last day of vacation and I must re-enter the workplace tomorrow! BOO!!! On the bright side, I am blessed to have a job, right? So sadness over! Moving on...

Finally I have some pics of the giveaway that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. (My apologies for the horrible photo quality) And just for the record, if I ever mention joining another kit club please reach through the internet and slap me silly because I seriously wanted to cry last night looking through all of the kits I've collected!!!! I felt like Hoarders would be knocking on my door at any second!

Well, last time I gave away some of my Scarlet Lime kits, so this time around I want to give away some Apron Strings kits! I loved being a part of Apron Strings because it felt so personal and not like the big box kit clubs where you are just a  number (and yes, for whatever crazy reason I still subscribe to one large kit club- yes, I know I need an intervention). I loved that the owner, Lori, would actually take time to visit your blog and comment when you participated in challenges, answered e-mails personally, and made you feel like part of a community! Ah, such warm and fuzzy feelings, so that is why I would like to share the love of Apron Strings kits with you. Again, these are oldies, but goodies! I know with CHA right around the corner I'm stalking blogs to see the latest and greatest, but some things are just timeless like these great kits!

Ok, enough rambling...Here are the kits I would like to share with you....Just leave a comment and let me know if you would like to be entered to win. And if you commented on my original giveaway post that entry will count, too (so basically, comment again and your name goes in 2X-cool?). I will leave this open for a week and meet you back here next Wednesday for a winner announcement!

Oh, and I made a card yesterday for my cousin's birthday, which I should have mailed much earlier- oops! I used the July card sketch from Artful Delight and I'm also entering it into Cards by Jovan celebration challenge!

Ok, thanks for stopping by and please tell anyone who may be interested about the little giveaway!


  1. I loveeeeeeeeee your giveaway!! You are sooooooooooo sweet!!! And I love love love your card!! LOVING the colors and the little butterfly!!!!

  2. It is sooo hard to go back to work after vacation!! I am struggling thru the process now! LOL!
    YOur giveaway looks awesome! I do not have a single kit so this would be a fun win! TFS!

  3. I too was a kit hoarder until my basement flooded 3 years ago & I lost all of my kits. Now, I'm making an effort to use kits when I get them.
    I've never ordered a kit from Apron Strings....everything think included looks divine. Thanks for the chance for the giveaway.

  4. Thanks for playing along with the Artful Delight crew, why is hoarding bad??? I'm sure I'll "need" all the goodies I have, right? You're welcome to throw my name into the hat, but I'd love an email shout out if I win, as I'm traveling far and wide in my blogland surfing, and sometimes I can't remember where I've gone.

  5. So sweet of you to do a giveaway! Thanks for a chance to win!

  6. What a cute card! I love the bracket shape & the twine. Great job! So glad you joined us at Artful Delight this month!

  7. Uh oh!!! The card is late!!! :) I followed your card over here from Artful Delight (scoping out the competition before I even attempt to enter....lol) and now I am a follower! Your blog is so fun and what a great giveaway too!!

  8. Fabulous card! Love the shape. So glad you joined us at Artful Delight this month.

  9. WOW...this is too cute! Thanks so much for playing in my challenge!


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