Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sizzix wants to know where my Vagabond is....

Well, here it is....

On my very messy desk! And this is how it looks with me taking a TON of stuff off. Mission organization is underway...But in the meantime,  Go check out Sizzix and show them where your Vagabond pics not very creative, but it's just right here on my messy desk waiting to work on the March Twelve Tags! Since I got my Vagabond out might as well get crackin' on that project!


  1. Great shot...have fun using the stash over the weekend!

  2. That just proves it's being used!

  3. Hi there, just stopping by all those who left a comment for the Cocoa Daisy blog hop. I hope you did get creative and worked on the project :)

  4. i think your vagabond is exactly where it should be. :) love your craft mat!


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