Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I am so excited and pumped about 2012! I truly believe that it is going to be an amazing year of change and growth! I usually don't read horoscopes, but I just happened to be on the yahoo homepage and decided to see what my horoscope says for 2012....(copy and pasted directly from yahoo)....Pretty excited, especially about the last couple of sentences!...go check out yours and see what may be on the horizon, just for fun!

Aquarius Outlook for 2012

    1/20 – 2/18

    Year 2012 Overview

    This is the year to come out of recent hiding, Aquarius. Saturn, your traditional ruler, will be making its way to your sector of fame and recognition this year, so get ready! Your standing in the world takes on great importance, especially during the latter half of the year. The total solar eclipse in November in your career sector is another huge catalyst to boost your professional status. Being born under the sign of fame, this spotlight is in keeping with your destiny, darling. It's time to come out of humble reclusion, and let yourself shine!
    Jupiter spends the first half of the year in your home and family sector, placing the focus squarely on family dynamics and other long-buried issues. You'll gain many philosophical insights during this period about not only your roots, but your role in your family. This is a chance to expand your viewpoint on past events that have shaped who you are today. You may also find yourself in a more introverted and introspective space during the first half of the year until Jupiter enters your romance and pleasure sector in June.
    Perhaps the best news is that foggy Neptune is finally leaving your chart in February, allowing you to see clearly - especially in your relationship to yourself. After perhaps suffering some serious disappointments and disillusionments over the past few years, you have started to doubt your ability to read people accurately. However, you'll no longer be under the influence of Neptune's illusory powers, so you'll be able to get back on track. But beware: Neptune will move into your money sector, potentially obscuring your ability to be spend within the bounds of your financial reality. The upside is that Neptune in your financial house could bring an inspiring and soulful means for you to earn money. The arts - film, dance, photography or painting, in particular - could play a bigger role in your income than in years past


    1. Happy New Year! Thanks for posting the Aquarius horoscope it is looking like we will both be having a great year! LOL!

    2. Thanks for visiting my blog during Diana's 1st Blogaversary hop! :) LOVE that you have such a positive outlook on the New Year. I wonder what my horoscope says? Don't forget you need to be a follower (if you aren't already!) to win my blog candy!


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