Monday, December 5, 2011

Are you Rockin' Around the Christmas it up...

Stopping in to let you know that Docerla Creations is having a Christmas tree link up party!!! And, if you link up your Christamas tree, you will have a chance to win a set of very cute stamps! We know everyone puts their trees up at different times, so no worries if you don't have yours up yet because the link up is open until December 31!

Well, in spirit I love decorating and Christmas cutenss, but in reality I'm a last minute, minimal Christmas decorator who is quick to take it all down because I can't stand the clutter! ( I wish I were like this awesome lady- Kiesha Campbell- she is a holiday decorating superstar in my eyes! Drool!) But, in all honesty, family and friends have to threaten me each year to go ahead and put up my tree....ha! And actually, my youngest son usually gets the Christmas tree party started when he gets worried that Santa won't visit if we don't have our tree up, although he claims he doesn't believe in Santa anymore. But, I think there's still a little glimmer of believing in the guy in the big red suit in his sweet little nine year old heart! Anyway, to my surprise, my oldest son decided that he wanted to put the tree up today...WHAT? And of course with that he wants to go out and spend money on decorations, lights, and even asked if we could go out and get a white tree. The answer to all were Ummm... NO! So, into the garage I went to drag in the bins for him to start decorating!  So, here he is getting it set up and yelling at me that I don't have consent to photograph him or the tree! Ha, well guess what buddy....hahah!
Oh, and look at this treasure that I found while sifting through bins in the garage!

 It's my 'My Child'!!! Oh, my goodness I loved this doll as much as I loved my Cabbage Patch Kids which are tucked away in bins in my mom's garage! Blast from the past--- 1985! Anyway, she is so cute, but my son says I need to put her back in the garage; called her Chuckie! Nope, stripped her down to wash her little clothes which hopefully will come clean, and I'm gonna comb her hair and put her on display!  Anyway just thought I'd share a happy little December Daily random info!

Ok, so don't forget to hop over to Docerela Creations and link up your Christmas tree! And, remember once you link up you are in the drawing to win a set of stamps, too! Spread the word so we can have tons of trees to see!


  1. OMG.. We really have sooo much in common! I decorate the minimal that I think my girls will find acceptable! My Girls 10 and 9 actually put up the entire tree this year! I cleaned as they decorated! Love your doll! I still have my Cabbage Patch! Have fun decorating!

  2. You girls are totally funny! You really crack me up.

    Let's get the party started!!!

    Much love to both of you <3


  3. in no way does she look like Chuckie! I wish I had some of the toys from the 80's just to display...and I'm with you on the holiday decorations but my kids think otherwise too...but you know from my blog that I don't go overboard. My thing is that i need to organize all my Christmas stuff that I'm not using and store it properly.


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