Sunday, July 31, 2011

Scrappin' my Scraps

Amy Heller is hosting a fantastic challenge to scrap your scraps! Just what I need! Because my name is Nitasha and I'm a scrap hoarder!!! LOL! Just ask my kiddos- they've threatened to turn me in and ask Hoarders to do a special episode of Scrapbook Hoarders! LOL! OK- if you watch the show- don't be grossed out, I'm really not like that, but my kids tease that I have too much stuff (even though they quite often are in my supplies-ummmhmmm)! So, this is probably only 1/4 of my scraps, but I have to work with small portions or I'll be overwhelmed and end up just running my fingers through it all and not actually scrappin'!
Earlier this year I took Christy Tomlinson's SheArt class and loved it but did not actually create very many girls. But, I've been feeling artsy fartsy lately and knew that I wanted to use my scraps to create a small SheArt girl on a mini book cover. I'm a random type of girlie and always writing little life moments on various pieces of paper so I figured that creating a random little mini from scraps would be perfect to keep all those life's moments. I can't wait to fill this mini with random memories! I love it! So, here's what I created with all my random pieces of scraps...

Thanks so much for stopping by! I think I may get addicted to making minis out of my scraps! I can't wait to fill this one up with fun summer memories!

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  1. SUCH a great idea!!! I used to have a BUNCH of random scraps too!!! As you saw on the Kreatorville blog, I started quilting on my pages. Also, I cut some up into strips for journaling and cut bunches into circles...circles are the yummiest to me!!! the boobies on your SHE LOVED lady...AND her hair is bangin'!!!


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